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It’s The Secret Diary of Sam Bankman-Fried, aged 30 and ¾

Day 157 under house arrest.

Yes! Finally, some good news! An Axios Harris poll has rated FTX as the 99th most reputable brand in the US. Considering all the damage John J Ray has done to my precious company, that’s not bad at all!

It looks like we’re behind Johnson & Johnson in the list who had that whole asbestos in their baby powder thing. And we’re behind Nestle who had that whole baby formula thing. And we’re behind Volkswagen who had that whole lying about emissions thing. And we’re behind Apple who had that whole slave labor thing. And we’re behind Subway who had that whole Jared thing.

But still, the 99th most reputable company in America is awesome! Oh wait, it’s 99th out of 100. And only The Trump Organisation finished below us.

F&%cking hell! John J Ray has ruined this company!!!