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Planet Crypto is a satirical site founded in 2021 who give you all the facts, fiction, and fantasy in the Crypto space.

Our Mission 

We are a site dedicated to informing and entertaining our readers on Crypto using a satirical and amusing approach.  Crypto maybe hard to understand sometimes, but the motivations and actions of its participants follow established human paths. There are many examples of greed, incompetence, fraud, and narcissism. Satire has long been used to expose or ridicule the vices, follies, and abuses of those in power or influence. 

We produce original and thought-provoking content about the industry and its leaders, both the pro and anti-factions, as well as the regulators and celebrities who inhabit the Crypto world. To borrow a phrase, we want “first to make people laugh and then make them think”.  

We aim to provide humorous critical analysis of the blockchain space. It is our goal to, through our writings, create perspective around disingenuous and double-edged statements from leaders and influencers, especially those who wish to alter our society without permission or consultation, and we hope to encourage our readers to think critically about these people and their actions. 


Education – above all we want to inform our users about the goings on in the crypto sphere either directly or indirectly encourage our audience to learn more about the space. We believe that humor is an excellent device to aid learning and keep it interesting. 

Create perspective – the main goal of satire is to criticize and expose flaws in human nature and behavior. We are no different. We live in a time where leaders or large corporations are constantly claiming that they are acting in our best interests when they seldom are. We wish to highlight these falsehoods and ironies while making our readers laugh at the same time.