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A disgruntled man from Oregon, was left visibly shaking, after ordering a giant turkey for Thanksgiving… and receiving Meta’s Metaverse.

He explained, ‘I wanted to have an extra special Thanksgiving, and had invited all my family round for a huge feast. I told my local butcher to get me the biggest turkey he could find – and told him money was no object.

Then when the deliveryman turned up… he delivered me Meta’s Metaverse.

He said it was the ‘biggest, fattest turkey’ he could find.

I said ‘I can’t feed my family a virtual immersive world that is facilitated by an augmented reality headset???’

But the deliveryman said, ‘sorry, mate. That’s not my problem. You ordered a turkey; here it is…’ and presented me with a bill for $3.6 billion. Which, let’s be honest, was more than I was prepared to pay.

So I refused to pay; …and it was then I realised that the deliveryman looked nothing like my butcher… and suspiciously like Mark Zuckerberg.

I said, ‘…hang on??? Aren’t you Mark Zuckerberg? …Is this just a ruse to try and get me to pay off Meta’s Metaverse’s hideous arrears?’

At which point he looked panicked and shifty.

‘And I said, ‘How did you know I wanted to buy a big turkey, Zuckerberg?? Have you been snooping again??’

At which point the deliveryman hurriedly jumped into his delivery van, and without saying a word, drove away at speed.

Well, after that close shave, there wasn’t much time to prepare for the family feast – so I tried a different butcher instead.

Told him I wanted a bird, which was already stuffed – and he said he could deliver on time.

Imagine my surprise when the new deliveryman turned up… and he delivered me the Twitter dove. And the driver said ‘nothing is more stuffed than this…’

…and come to think of it. The Delivery Man looked remarkably like Elon Musk…’