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SBF on Trial!

The most exciting part of the first days of Sam Bankrupt-Lied’s trial was his new hairstyle which has been praised as  “ prison chic”. Planet Crypto’s fashion correspondent Mario Mop-Gazer, is very enthusiastic about the look and believes it could catch on in prisons all over the USA. “ It is minimalist yet artful” he explained, “and gives the impression of understated power. It could possibly be improved by a tattoo of a spider crawling up the back of the neck, he explained, but also suggested that this might appear in the later stages of the trial for added effect.
Mrs Bankman-Fried, the defendant’s mother, was however upset. “ this doesn’t look like my sweet little chubby, frizzy boy anymore, and could give the impression to the jury that he is a cold-blooded fraudster rather than an innocent led astray by lack of mathematical ability and exceptionally poor management skills”.