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After he anonymously gave the LA County Museum of Art 22 digital artworks, Planet Crypto asks: ‘Who is the mysterious NFT collector Cozomo De Medici??’ There are many theories – but most observers suspect it might be legendary rapper Snoop Dogg…

But when Planet Crypto asked the Snoopmeister – he was tight-lipped.

PLANET CRYPTO: Hi Snoop. Did you give NFTs to the LA County Museum?

SNOOP DOGG: (Laughing) I can’t say.

PLANET CRYPTO: No, but did you?

SNOOP DOGG: No, really, I can’t say. ‘Cos I can’t remember. Fo’ sho’. No idea what I did this mornin’. Let alone what I did last week. Yo. I’ve been smoking this new batch of Grandaddy Purple, and I can’t rememb-izzle how to tie my own shoelaces.

This shit is PO-TENT, you hear me?

PLANET CRYPTO: Apparently the NFTs were worth millions.

SNOOP DOGG: No shizzle! Do you think I could ask for it back?

PLANET CRYPTO: Not really.

SNOOP DOGG: Man! I don’t even remember buying that shizzle in the first place. Must have been high THAT day. Wouldn’t surprise me. When I been partakin’ in the Russian Missile, I get on the internet and buy all sorts of shizzle. Can’t help ma’sel’. Fo’ sho’, my nizzle.

That’s why my house is full of garbag-izzle.

Got a whole garage full of impulse purchas-izzles.

Was out of control during the lockdown.

I bought some golf clubs – and I don’t even play golf – and a strimmer off QVC which both shaves parmesan and prunes hedges. Tchaw! And I don’t like cheese, and I don’t like hedges.

Yo, you think I can give all that shizzle to the LA County Museum? I mean, I can’t call it an NFT, but could say it was conceptual art?

Tracey Emin did the same with her unmade bed-izzle. Couldn’t be arsed to make it, called the Tate, called it conceptual art, and they cleared it away for her, and put it on display.

PLANET CRYPTO: So are you Cozomo De Medici?

SNOOP DOGG: Is that my name? I completely forgot it since partaking of the Purple. Thought it began with an ‘S’… Thanks for the reminder, man…

PLANET CRYPTO: no problem.

SNOOP DOGG: …By the way. What are NFTs?