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Chinese authorities have claimed that suspiciously pro-China investor, Charlie Munger, is not a spy but an off-course weather balloon.

Just days after Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, called for the U.S. to copy China in its ban on bitcoin, China denied he was an infiltrator, and insisted that he was another balloon flying in American airspace measuring the weather.

“This is an innocent coincidence”, said Chinese spokesperson, Li R Big-Fat. “What may look to Western eyes like a 121 year-old man in a suit and glasses is nothing more than an old weather balloon – or as we call it in China, an old wind-bag. The suit and glasses this weather balloon happens to be wearing are also an innocent coincidence. We can only assume that at some point it must have drifted through a clothesline and picked them up. It must have innocently drifted through an optician’s too. Does that sound convincing?”

U.S. authorities trying to work out whether Munger is a Communist spy or an experimental weather balloon have taken him in for analysis but are so far none the wiser. “He is very interested in the weather, but so are most grandpa’s”, said FBI agent, Biff Federales. “He also carries a little red book, but that turned out to be his bus pass.”