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Whether it’s scams, rug pulls, or just plain theft, the emerging world of NFTs can seem like a dangerous place to be. It’s become such a ripoff, even The Sex Pistols have brought out a set.

This week, legendary actor Sir Anthony Hopkins asked Twitter for advice on buying his first NFT. He seems like a nice old gent and we’d hate to see him get scammed, so here at Planet Crypto we’ve prepared a handy guide to help Sir Anthony, and any of our readers looking to get into NFTs, how to tell a genuine Non Fungible Token from a cynical scam.

Scam or NFT?

Does it seem to be more about hype than quality?It’s an NFT.
Is it by an artist you’ve never heard of?It’s an NFT.
Does it look way overpriced?It’s an NFT.
Does it look like a child could have drawn it?It’s an NFT.
Does it look like a lazy copy of an existing NFT?It’s an NFT.
Does it look like it has no artistic or financial value?It’s an NFT.
Does it seem like a complete scam?It’s an NFT.