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Apple’s New Headset looks like a pro-ski mask..

Apple have released its new Vision Pro Augmented Reality Headset – but should its Headset get the heads up or the thumbs down?

Is it a Head-Turner or a Gut-Churner?

Will Apple’s Metaverse find Real World Success? Or are its Designers living in a Digital FantasyLand?

Planet Crypto’s Technology Correspondent, Tex Upport gives his view

‘Described as the first Apple product that you look through – not at – when you wear you the Vision Pro you look like a skiier. Retailing at $3,499, you might expect to have an experience like Lindsey Vonn… but instead it’s more like Eddie the Eagle.

On a visit to a tech expo in London, I decided to use the headset to navigate the city. With a split screen of StreetView, and my view of the actual street, I strode confidently out of my hotel with my recently disinfected Vision Pro on. What Apple failed to warn me is that complete strangers would look at me and shout ‘Wanker!’ Sometimes they’d cross the street to do it. Prince Harry even ducked his head out of his case in the High Court to shout it. And when I asked, “Hey Siri, what’s a wanker?”, a passer-by shouted, “You are, mate.” I’ve watched Apple’s promotional material several times now and there’s not a single instance of a user having “Wanker!” shouted at them simply for walking round wearing $3,500 ski goggles.

Finally, if Apple execs in sunny Silicon Valley are reading this, I can recommend the next version having some mini windscreen wipers on the goggles for use in wetter cities. Like London. This would also come in handy when passing drivers throw a drink in your face whilst shouting “Wanker!”