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Are you Do Kwon?

If you’re going to be involved in the financial world, you’re going to make mistakes. Some can cost you little. Some can cost you big. But the single most disastrous mistake you can make when investing is ‘being Do Kwon.’

Being Do Kwon’ can be disastrous to your own wealth and ruinous to the entire financial system. Because ‘being Do Kwon’ means you’re likely to create a flawed financial product like Terra, Luna or Basis Cash. So before you’re tempted to make another financial investment – stop! And check whether you are Do Kwon with our handy eight-point ‘ARE YOU DO KWON?’ QUIZ

 Score 1 for ‘yes’, 0 for ‘No’.
Are you extremely mouthy on Twitter until the day one of your investment vehicles falls nearly 100%, at which point you become mysteriously quiet?IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 2.
Less than a fortnight before one of your investment vehicles collapses, do you smugly tell people on the internet that 95% of coins are going to die, but ‘there’s also entertainment’ in watching them die too?IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 3.
Do you act surprised ‘about the pain’ which your failed invention has caused? (Despite having created this pain before with your previous invention Basis Cash)IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 4.
In fact, are your crypto inventions so garbage that you are even DOGE co-founder Billy Markus has told you to leave the industry?IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 5.
Do you think you can reassure investors (who’ve lost everything with your invention) with a tweet that ‘The Terra community is my family.’ …Forgetting that Josef Fritzl also had a family?IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 6.
When subsequently an intruder breaks into your apartment block, to take issue with you over losing them a fortune, do you leave your wife to deal with him? (Presumably because if you came up with your own scheme to get rid of the intruder, it too would spectacularly fail, and result in your apartment filling with thousands of cutthroat assassins?)IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 7.
Do you honestly think sane people will listen to your new ‘ecosystem revival’ plan despite the fact that your previous plans have nearly broken the financial system?IF YOU ANSWER ‘YES’ GO TO QUESTION 8.
Are you a charlatan who has cost investors their life savings, and even their lives?IF YOU’VE ANSWERED ‘YES’ TO ALL QUESTIONS, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE DO KWON

If you answered 0 to all questions – you are NOT Do Kwon.

If you scored between 1-7 ‘YES’es, you are showing troubling Do Kwon tendencies, and you should be cautious before launching any financial products.