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CZ AKA Billy Big Bail

Our Planet Crypto correspondent managed to get a quick word out of CZ as he was leaving court having pleaded guilty to money laundering.

PLANET CRYPTO: So you are a Bond villain after all?

CHANGPENG ZHAO: I was not expecting to see you again Mr. Crypto. This is all part of my masterplan.

PC: Really? It looks like the authorities have won and you have posted an enormous bond.

CZ: Ha that is a piffling amount but it was also important to show that it was larger than the bail put up by that loser SBF. I asked the court to make sure it was a much bigger number.

PC: So what happens to Binance now? What happens if you go to jail?

CZ: As you know well many bosses have run their organisations from prison and I do not think anything will change. As you know my organisation does not tolerate failure.

PC: We thought many of your employees had already jumped ship?

CZ: As I said to you before Mr Crypto, I am not aware of any ex-henchmen, sorry employees, who made it….. I have handed over some temporary control of the exchange to Number 2.