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Queue Of Prosecutors Waiting To Charge Binance Reaches 16 Miles Long

The queue of financial regulators waiting to prosecute Binance is now even longer than the queue that waited to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, it has been confirmed.

Planet Crypto’s legal correspondent, Grant Bale, reported, “Since Binance has been lying in state – sorry, that should be lying TO the state – the line of regulators wanting to see it has been growing steadily. It currently stretches past London’s Piccadilly Circus and down to Oxford Street, which is a long way given that the queue starts in Washington D.C. We can only hope that those queuing in The Atlantic are okay.”

Authorities have set up portable toilets and first aid stations along the route which proved vital when the first baby was born in the queue yesterday, but those joining are encouraged to bring food and enough clothing to cover several seasons.

“Whilst the queue is generally well-mannered, there have been flashpoints”, reported Grant Bale. “David Beckham was roundly booed for pretending he knew Gary Gensler and trying to push in near the front. There’s also been anger that police have asked those bringing floral tributes to place them outside Binance headquarters, but no-one knows where in the world that is.”

In an attempt to avoid disagreement, Binance itself has set up a queue-tracking blockchain which criminals immediately started laundering money through. A separate queue to investigate the queue-tracker is expected to begin at any moment.