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After months of losses, a long-suffering Bitcoin holder is getting ready to say, “I told you so.”

With the price of the leading coin recovering, investor Billy Winterbottom is close to being in profit for the first time. And he can’t wait to let you know.

“I’ve had to swallow a lot in the last year”, he admitted. “When I bought in June at $25k, I confidently told my friends they would regret not buying the dip. When it went down to $22k, they started calling me ‘Dippy’. When it went down to $19k, they started calling me ‘Dippy the Dipshit’. When it went down to $16k, they suggested I go to a fancy dress party as ‘Dippy the Dipshit Diplodocus’, whose money was heading for extinction.

“But all that’s about to change. I check my portfolio now and again – just every 30 seconds or so – and as soon as I’m in profit, I’ll have the quiet satisfaction of knowing I was right. Though obviously, that’s not enough. I’m also having vocal coaching so I can tell everyone as loudly as possible… the ‘I was right’ T-shirt I’ve had printed should get the point across to anyone hard of hearing… and my custom-made Bitcoin mouth grill should make it clear to non-English speakers. I’ve also leased a billboard.

“Of course, I’ll need Bitcoin to rise to $50k to pay for all this but, as my soon-to-be-inked forehead tattoo says, it’s ‘BTC to the moon’ from here”, said Billy.

“I just pray the Bitcoin revival isn’t a bull-trap. ‘Billy the Bull-trap Bull-crap Dipshit Diplodocus’ could be a difficult nickname to shake off.”