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We all know that a new awards ceremony has been announced – The Crypties – which will celebrate the best contributors to WEB 3.0 this Nov 30th.

But what about the worst contributors to Web 3.0? Are they going to be recognised???

Of course!!!

Just as The Oscars has The Razzies, the alternative awards show that recognises the worst films of the year, so too will the Crypties have the Crapties!!

And it’s run by us!! Planet Crypto is proud to announce its own awards for the Crypto industry celebrating all the Shitcoiners, No-coiners and No-brainers who sully the world with Crypto Crap!!!

Whereas the Crypties will take place in the glamorous surrounds of Miami Beach on November 30th…

…the Crapties will take place the day before in the less salubrious surrounds – of our office.

Last week we profiled Do Kwon, our first nominee for the hotly contested Villain of the Year award. This week we speak to another strong contender, Alex Mashinsky.

PC – Thanks for joining us, Alex.

AM – You’re welcome.

PC – Your company, Celsius, went bankrupt in May leaving customers unable to access $4.7 billion of their funds.

AM – It was a terrible time.

PC – As the CEO responsible, that should make you a clear and obvious villain. And yet, you’ve managed to brilliantly reinvent the role by casting yourself as the victim.

AM – I am the victim. Forced to resign from the company I love but still fighting to restore customer funds from those that cruelly took them away.

PC – Yes, that’s it! You’re so good at the role, I almost forgot that it was you who cruelly took the funds away. And, of course, let’s not forget that $44 million of the funds you are selflessly fighting to retrieve are yours.

AM – Absolutely. I’ve been through hell.

PC – You’re so good at this! Of course, just when we thought you might actually be a victim, there was another twist when it came out that you withdrew $10 million of your own funds shortly before freezing everyone else’s.

AM – I did, but I used it to pay my tax bill to the nasty, bullying government, even in the face of my imminent financial ruin. All in all, that’s why I believe I deserve to be crowned Victim of the Year.

PC – Okay, but the award is Villain of the Year.

AM – Is it? Oh. I don’t want that. It might make people think I’m some sort of villain rather than the poor victim I really am.

PC – There you go again!

AM – I think I’d like to withdraw my nomination.

PC – Ah. We could have a problem there. I’m afraid withdrawals aren’t allowed.

AM – But it’s my name up there. My reputation. I own that.

PC – You’d think so wouldn’t you. But I’m afraid they belong to us now.

AM – Oh you’ll pay for this.

PC – Ah, there’s the villain.There are so many layers to you!

AM – I’ll make sure you never work again!

PC – Well that’ll make two of us. See you at The Crapties!

Find out if Alex Mashinsky is crowned Villain of the Year at Planet Crypto’s The Crapties Awards. Winners will be announced on 29th of November.