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The Only Cryptocurrency Investing Book You’ll Ever Need: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Biggest “Millionaire Maker” Asset of 2022 and Beyond – Including How to Make Money from NFTs

Wow that’s a long title. It really is.

So what’s the pitch? No punches pulled here – “If you feel like you’ve ‘missed the boat’ on crypto, think again… This is your chance to get in while the going is good… and not feel like you missed out!”

That sounds great, count me in! Well up to a point. It tells you the basics of investing in crypto but it doesn’t actually tell you which stocks to invest in, or when to invest in them. The clue is in the small print at the start of the book which the author hopes no-one will read: “The following work is presented for informational purposes only. The information is general non-tailored, non-specific information.”

Hmm, that doesn’t sound so good. There’s more – “Warning: there is no magic formula to getting rich, in the financial markets or otherwise.”

But a magic formula is exactly what I was hoping for! I’m feeling less excited already. Who is it written by anyway? Well that’s the weird thing – there’s no named author. Instead it says it was written by Freeman Publications, an independent publishing company which was started by “a frustrated investor in his apartment.” Elon is that you in there?

So what do readers think about it? Well Stevie C got extremely excited about it: “This book does what it says on the tin!” but William L Broderick was not so easily impressed: “This was worthless to both me and my wife.”

So what’s the damage? £12.95 – or 0.000058 in Bitcoin to you.