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More bad news for Crypto Investors this week as Smugness-from-NoCoiners hit new year-highs.

Looking at the technical data this week, the sceptics’ Oleaginous Self-Congratulation is up by 67%. And Self-righteous Pomposity is at its highest since the Crash of 2017.

Analysts speaking to Planet Crypto said, ‘It is well-known that NoCoiner Smugness is inversely correlated to Crypto decline. But these levels are testing new highs.

‘In the past week ‘Old-Farts-Who-Don’t-Understand-Crypto-Crawling-Out-Of-The-Woodwork-And-Saying-‘I-Knew-It-Wouldn’t-Work’’ are up by almost 74%.

‘This isn’t a bear market; it’s an Unbearable Market. These NoCoiners are so SELF-SATISFIED.’

The worst smug-offender this week was Bill Gates, who said this week that he ‘doesn’t own Crypto’ and that he ‘likes investing in things that have valuable output.’

Analysts pointed out that Odious Self-Preening by the head of Microsoft has soared above the 200-week average.

‘The real issue now appears to be Inflation.. of Egos, which are soaring amongst NoCoiners. Self-Puffery is reaching dangerous levels. If Gates’ ego gets any bigger, his whole system might blow.’

And there are fears that Smug Rates may be raised later in the year, if Crypto falls further.

‘Smugness may appear to be safe, but it’s actually a high-risk strategy. Looking at the charts, it appears that the number of ‘Crypto Investors Desiring-To-Kick-Bill-Gates-Up-The-Ass’ are up by 45% in just one week. And given the current climate these frustration levels may threaten new highs.’

Another crypto expert opined ‘This preening needs regulating. These NoCoiners are incapable of regulating themselves, and it’s about time the Fed stepped in.

‘I mean we’re all heading into a depression, and disinterest rates in Bill Gates’ comments are going to HAVE TO be raised soon.’

Celebrity TV host James Corden, the smuggest man on the planet, was unavailable for comment.