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According to a survey of American adults, over 80% would be motivated to exercise more in exchange for some cryptocurrency.

Those surveyed said that if offered Bitcoin, they would be motivated to join a fitness class.

If offered Shiba Inu, they would be angry enough to hit a punch bag for 30 minutes.
And if offered Terra USD, they would run a mile.

Coinbase has drawn the ire of sports fans by extending its sponsorship of America’s NBA and WNBA basketball competitions. Fans of Seattle Sound pointed out the irony of crypto sponsorship, given that its stadium is called The Climate Pledge Arena.

And last week, The Washington Nationals baseball team promoted the benefits of stablecoins, via their partnership with Terra, just before Terra USD lost 99.97% of its value.

So here at Planet Crypto, we decided to imagine the other sports and crypto partnerships we can look forward to, along with their slogans.

Basketball, sponsored by Ethereum – “Aim high, frequently miss.”

Baseball, in association with Bitcoin – “Big swings are part of the thrill.”

Swimming, in partnership with Coinbase – “It’s not just our shares taking a plunge.”

Figure-skating, brought to you by the Securities and Exchange Commission – “Careful, you’re on thin ice.”

Boxing, sponsored by Terra LUNA – “This is gonna hurt.”