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‘Demented trolls’ to sue BAYC for comparing them to Ryder Ripps

After BAYC called conceptual artist Ryder Ripps ‘a demented troll’ this week… demented trolls threatened to sue BAYC for defamation.

Said one troll, from his haven under a bridge, ‘I mean yes, we are mad, but COME ON. Conceptual artist Ryder Ripps is a NUT.’

Conceptual artist Ripps had been cloning Bored Ape files and selling them on as his own art. When BAYC threatened to sue him for millions, Ripps justified his actions, by calling his work ‘satire’ – and then comparing his work to comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

And the troll community are furious at being compared to plagiarist Ripps.

Said one troll, ‘I mean, Ryder Ripps is batshit crazy.
All we do is live under bridges and wait for goats to come trip-trapping overhead. We don’t compare the theft of intellectual property to a forty-seven year-old TV series which once featured John Belushi.’
Another opined, ‘..We’re nothing like Ripps. This is a crazy disinformation campaign, designed to smear mythological creatures. If you’re compared to Ripps, it’s pretty wounding, man. In fact, the last time I was this badly hurt was when a big Billy Goat Gruff butted me into a river. YOOOWWWWEEE.’

But not everyone derided Ripps’ ‘satire’ defence.
In fact, in a gesture of irony, Ripps’ actions were copied themselves…
When Scuggs ‘the Faker’ Taggatt was arrested for Passport Forgery he said, ‘Let me go. I was just ‘satirizing the work of the Department of State Issuing Authority.’’

Justin Timberlake, who provided the voices for the movie Trolls, was unavailable for comment.