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Do Kwon promises to fork Do Kwon

After respect for the founder of the Terra ecosystem plunged to near zero this week, Do Kwon proposed to salvage his reputation, by hard forking himself.

Under his revival plan, the financier would split himself in two: the original Do Kwon – known as Do Kwon Classic – and a new, Do Kwon 2 which would offer existing investors the chance to invest in a brand new unstable blockhead.

‘It’s worth preserving my vast egosystem,’ said the failed inventor, before explaining how the new Do Kwon would work.

‘I will airdrop all the good things left in old Do Kwon – the big house, the wife, the personal wealth – – into the new Do Kwon. Then depeg the New Do Kwon from Do Kwon Classic. This way investors can still send hate mail, death threats and lawsuits to Classic Do Kwon – which I’ll ignore – whilst still sending all their life savings to the New Do Kwon.’

Although the Terra community seemed largely displeased with the new proposal, Do Kwon was unrepentant. ‘It is a chance to rise up from the ashes. The public who want to enjoy the benefits of Classic Do Kwon – the arrogance, the smugness and the talent for losing $500 billion in the wider markets – can still do so. But investors in new Do Kwon 2 will have the exciting opportunity to make many millions*’

And when he was told of his many critics, Do Kwon opined, ‘criticise if you must, cockroaches. But make sure you direct it at old Do Kwon. New Do Kwon has never failed at anything, baby!’

* ‘many millions of mistakes’.