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Do Kwon proposes to rescue the Hindenberg by forking it

Do Kwon, creator of disastrous cryptocurrencies UST and Luna, today proposed a radical plan to try and reverse the Hindenberg airship disaster by hard-forking it.

The airship community voted by 65% to adopt his resurrection plan, which was to fork off the original zeppelin like it didn’t happen, and create Hindenberg 2.0, a new airship that wasn’t on fire.

Do Kwon explained, ‘Now people get the best of both worlds. Ticketholders on Classic Hindenberg will still enjoy all the benefits of travelling in the smoking remains of what seemed a good idea at the time. While ticketholders on the new Hindenberg can travel in a zeppelin that’s not filled with hydrogen, but something less explosive altogether like, oh I don’t know, let’s say propane. Details aren’t important for now.’

As a gesture of goodwill, Do even went on to say he would airdrop some tokens for Hindenberg 2.0 to people who paid for Classic Hindenberg.

The Terra founder continued, ‘I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, Do, will people on the Hindenberg ever want to hear the words ‘air’ and ‘drop’ in the same sentence again?” Ha, ha! You crazy guys! A vote of 65.9% says they do!’