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Finding Do Kwon Some handy hints

No-one can find Do Kwon. Not Interpol, not the bounty hunters, not the journalists. He’s not in South Korea. He’s not in Singapore. The man behind the failed Terra USD stablecoin is proving harder to find than lost car keys in The Bermuda Triangle.

So based on our own extensive experience of losing things, we at Planet Crypto have produced some handy tips for anyone else searching fruitlessly for the lost CEO.

  • Where did you last see Do Kwon? Have you tried retracing your steps?
  • Have you looked for him down the back of the couch?
  • Could he have fallen under the passenger seat in your car?
  • Did you leave Do Kwon at the dry cleaners?
  • Could someone have borrowed him?
  • Could he have got into the garbage?
  • Did you accidentally give Do Kwon to a charity shop?
  • Have your younger kids been playing with him?
  • Have your older kids taken him to university?
  • Have you put up fliers for his return?
  • Has he been handed in to a shelter?
  • Could the neighbours be feeding him?
  • Could the dog have eaten him?
  • Did you leave him in your other trousers?
  • Has he been on your head this whole time?

If we can all follow these prompts, we should find Do Kwon in no time. And if not, we should just stop looking for him. Then he’s bound to turn up.