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GENSLER’S RULES "SO SIMPLE A child can understand them"


‘The rules are so simple a child can understand them,’ insists SEC Chair Gensler, responding to his Crypto critics.

Crypto companies Paxos and Kraken might disagree – after being fined heavily for failing to understand the SEC’S undefined registration requirements.

However, Gensler didn’t specify WHICH child understood them… and when Planet Crypto pressed him, Gensler refused to be drawn.

‘That’s for me to know and you to wonder,’ he said, smugly.

‘But if the rules are that easy to understand – is he just an ordinary child?’ we continued.

‘No,’ admitted Gensler, ‘it is a very special child, one who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 1.6 seconds, OK?’

‘Is he like that weird-child-prodigy that looks like an alien who appeared on Oprah all those years ago?’ We asked.

‘Maybe,’ huffed Gensler.

‘It’d be good to know where the child is, and maybe interview him, because maybe they can explain it to us.’

‘I’m not telling you. The location of the child is a closely guarded secret… All I’m saying is: the child has excellent grasp of our policy, and is located somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. And don’t ask me where. Because I won’t tell you… But I’ll give you a clue – the child has an IQ of 192 and recently built a thermo nuclear-reactor for his school science project.’