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For F***’S SAKE! F***ING Gordon Ramsay NFTs are minted

Metaverse platform, The Sandbox, has minted 2,333 unique NFT avatars of Gordon Ramsey, star of cooking show Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Each work of desirable art contains a unique foul-mouthed insult from Ramsey, including “You f*cking donut”, “Zip it, d*ckhead”, and “Get f*cked, c*ckbottle”. A limited supply of each NFT ensures the collection’s prestige and rarity.

The most valuable NFTs in the collection showcase Ramsey’s most erudite insults including, “Crepe? Cr*p more like”, “Pizza? Pizza sh*t, more like”, and “Tikka masala? Sh*tter masala, more like.” The most valuable NFT of all features Ramsey muttering, “Lettuce f*cking pray” as he sits down to a slightly limp salad.

Less valuable NFTs in the series contain the kind of insults that Ramsey makes on an hourly basis, including, “Are you listening, foreskin face?” and “Don’t take things so f*cking personally, you blubbing turd”, the words famously shouted at Queen Elizabeth II as she awarded him an OBE.

If successful, the collection could easily expand as Ramsey utters an average of 300 new and unique insults per day. “Gordon swears faster than we can keep up with him”, said a spokesperson for The Sandbox. “In fact he just shouted at me to ‘Keep up, lettuce d*ck’. His wife says he even mutters insults in his sleep and often berates his pillow for being ‘soft as sh*ite.’ “

The Gordon Ramsey NFT Collection, a unique and valuable series of artistic rarities, will be available from mid-f*cking March.