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It’s Every Treasurer’s Favourite Dance... here's how To Dance To Banking’s Tune!

Across Europe and the U.S., central bankers are being left dizzy and bewildered as commercial banks dance a merry jig around them.

The commercial banks’ moves are wild and unpredictable… and can seem confusing – nay troubling.

A government can be left clueless when dancing with commercial banks – but if you are one, don’t worry! 

You can learn the correct steps with our handy guide – Learn How to Dance to Banking’s Tune.

Remember, in this dance, banking always leads.

First, turn your back. Play coy. You want banking to think you have no interest in what it’s up to.

Resist paying attention as it makes some pretty outrageous moves. It won’t leave anything in reserve! ..When your bank comes close to collapse…

… pivot! Do a complete 180! Show it love for the first time.

Now prop it up at all costs!…

…until you can pass it to another partner, whether they want it or not. This move is sometimes called an ‘overreach’.

Then turn your back again, wait for the next partner to collapse, and repeat!

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to dance to banking’s tune. We have a feeling you’ll be in demand wherever you travel this summer.