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Have YOU been accused of an NFT rug pull by a crypto detective??

Fighting to protect your lucrative reputation?

…Then learn the moves you need to strike back with boxer / YouTuber / alleged scammer Logan Paul!

Be a moving target. You don’t want any accusations thrown at you to land.

Parry that just because you didn’t finish your CryptoZoo NFT after selling it, it doesn’t mean you’ve scammed buyers.

Threaten to hit your accuser with a lawsuit. How dare he jab at you with facts.

With skilful defence, you can deflect the blame onto others. Say you’ll launch a full investigation into who is responsible. It’s certainly not your fault that the native token of your project fell by 95%.

When it turns out to be exactly your fault, that blow is going to hurt.

You may be reeling at this point, but whatever you do, don’t let anyone with a head for numbers look at the books of this project.

Don’t throw in the towel. Do whatever it takes to survive. Hug your opponent and thank them for bringing this issue to your attention.

Claim that the NFT will be complete by 2024. Hope you can hang on in the meantime.

Congratulations, you’ve survived another fight in the NFT space. Just like you did when the Dink Doink coin you shilled also collapsed in value. Bring on the next opponent!