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The weekly round up of where you can spend your crypto IRL..

One of the largest supermarket chains in South Africa, Pick n Pay, is to allow customers to settle their bill in cryptocurrency at 39 of its stores.

Shoppers will pay using their smartphone at the rand to crypto conversion rate.

Given that the rand is one of the World’s more volatile currencies, and given that Crypto is, well, crypto… there could be some interesting till experiences…

For instance: when you realise you forgot to put bread in your trolley and run back to the shelf to get some. In those 60 seconds, you could return without bread and find that your bill has gone up or down 25%…

Its predicted that the sale of scratch cards will plummet at Pick N Pay – because shoppers will get their gambling highs and lows from ‘Bread-Forgettage.’

(Pick n Pay said that shoppers will also be liable for a 70c transaction fee which presumably covers the extra ink costs of printing, “Bananas – 0.000007528 BTC”)