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Every week, CNBC’s Jim Cramer recommends an asset which immediately collapses and becomes worthless!

In the past year he’s tipped Silvergate AND Silicon Valley Bank.

So what dogs are the leading shitster, I mean tipster, going to recommend next..? Here he is with a special guest column…

‘Today I want to talk comms – and I want to talk about an exciting investment.

Have you heard of this thing called ‘the mail’?

Well I have. And I think the mail system is an absolute winner.

You can write a message – put it in an envelope, address it, find a $0.63 stamp, find a postbox, and mail it – and will be delivered to your correspondent within as little as three days.

It’s a great idea – and is a speedy way for offices and business to communicate with each other.

And it’s really convenient – all you have to do is take time out of work, wander the streets endlessly looking for a postbox, or go to your nearest High Street Post Office.

You can use ‘Letters’ for lots of simple communications, like asking your partner ‘what do they want to eat for dinner tonight.’ Provided you anticipate wanting to ask she/he/they the question three days in advance.

And if you are a Nigerian prince who wants to deposit a million of dollars in a stranger’s account, surely the post is the most cost-effective way of asking multiple groups of people. If you want to contact a million people – it’ll only cost you $630,000.

Could there BE a better means of communication??

I think not!!! The Post Office is definitely a growing industry.


Next week – I tip the Penny Farthing as an effective form of transport.