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Jobs Spotlight: Work at YUGA Labs

Who are we?

We’re Yuga Labs, the people behind CryptoPunks and The Bored Ape Yacht Club, the most valuable collections in the NFT space. Wherever there’s an overpriced digital artwork, we’re probably nearby.

What are we looking for?

Last week, trading on CryptoPunks shot up 779% in volume the day before we announced an important job appointment that only we knew was coming. The price of CryptoPunks rose in response and we all did very well out of it. We’re now looking to maximise this profitable opportunity within our company by recruiting a Director of Insider Trading.

You’ll work closely with other departments to ensure:

  • We buy our NFTs just before we announce positive news.
  • We keep the best newly-minted NFTs for ourselves.
  • The market is rigged.

Key attributes:

  • Strong maths.
  • Dubious morals.
  • At least 5 years in a comparable sector, or prison.


Buy some CryptoPunks the day before we announce your appointment. Whatever you make, you keep.

Please email a list of your prior convictions to