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There was shock this week as investment bank JP Morgan appointed a former Celsius Network as its Head Of Digital Assets and Regulatory affairs… a controversial move, given Celsius’ bankruptcy amidst accusations of corruption and financial misdeeds.

But a representative for the recruitment firm involved in hiring him insisted it was sensible:

‘This reminds me of the flak we got when we had to find a candidate to run our local henhouse’, she said. ‘At first, people thought we were mad hiring a fox for the position. But look at what he’s achieved since taking up the post. He’s cut costs by slashing the work-force — literally — and has re-organised the on-site catering arrangements so all food is now sourced on the premises. Plus, thanks to his efforts, they no longer need to send the birds out to the abattoir when the time comes for them to be processed, as all slaughter has been taken in house. And he’s made efforts to save company money himself. For example, part of his package included a re-decoration budget, but he turned it down and did the re-decoration himself, painting the whole place in a deep crimson — one might call it blood red. So if letting a fox into a henhouse can work out, I don’t see why letting a Celsius Exec be Head of Digital Assets Regulatory Policy can’t either.’

When pressed for further comment, the nameless representative said she was sorry, but she didn’t have time to discuss the matter further as she had to head off to oversee another executive recruitment process.

‘It’s rather exciting actually. We’re looking to hire a lunatic to run an asylum… so fingers crossed that works out too!’