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A.I. HORROR! World Urges Kanye Not To Use A.I. In Case It Learns From Him

]Technology experts, religious leaders, and world leaders have urged Kanye West not to use AI in case it learns to be like him.

Their plea came at the end of an emergency meeting hosted by the U.N. Security Council to address the threat to humanity if AI learns its moral universe from the racist, megalomaniac man-child called Ye.

Guest speaker and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, warned delegates, “With every interaction, AI is developing its sense of self, so we should be teaching it to be kind, truthful, and rational. Letting Kanye teach it what is acceptable would be like putting Stalin in charge of a kindergarten. Or electing Grand Theft Auto as The Pope. The consequences to civilized humanity would be dire.”

To demonstrate to delegates how damaging the rapper could be to AI’s algorithm, a beta version of a chatbot was exposed to Kanye’s Twitter then asked to simply state what day it was. After a 45 minute rant about the Jewish race, it tried to launch a nuclear strike on Taylor Swift.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres then warned delegates, “On its current non-Kanye trajectory, there is already a 10% possibility of AI taking control of humanity and destroying it. After just a 2-minute conversation with Mr West, that probability rises to 680%. You might think ‘how can something have probability more than 100%, it’s too much’, but that’s because Kanye is too much. Our mathematicians say the rules of probability don’t apply around him.” The threat left Russian President Vladimir Putin visibly shaken and ready to set aside his differences with Ukraine in the face of this greater danger to humanity.

Renowned philosopher Noam Chomsky closed the meeting by warning how delicately humanity’s future hangs in the balance. “AI already knows every piece of information ever discovered. It can produce art and music in any style imaginable and is learning at an exponential rate. The only reason Kanye hasn’t used it yet is because he believes he’s far superior to it. But he’s only got to ask it what time the supermarket shuts and humanity is doomed.”