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Williams F1 team to be Partnered by Kraken Exchange!

Crypto exchange, Kraken, has partnered with Formula 1 team Williams Racing in a bid to raise the profile of crypto across the globe.

As part of the sponsorship deal, the opening excerpt of Satoshi’s Bitcoin white paper will be printed on the nose cone of the car which currently sits in last place of the constructors’ championship.

A spokesperson for Kraken told us, “Williams have the perfect car to display Satoshi’s white paper. It’s so slow, viewers will easily be able to read it in full as it inches past. And it’ll get lots of attention from the cameras as it breaks down in the middle of the track or catches fire. We chose to print on the front of the car as we were concerned the back could be obscured each time it’s slowly pushed off the track by race marshals.”

The spokesperson for Kraken added, “The parallels between Formula 1 and crypto were too good for us to ignore as a company. These cars have no real application in the real world and many people are baffled by the interest in them. Williams in particular has terrible problems with reliability and crashing. To be honest, we’re surprised Solana didn’t partner with them first.”