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Sir Anthony Hopkins is known for being one of the world’s leading actors.

But now he’s started creating Digital Art of his own musical compositions. Last week, he released a tune he wrote on the piano as an NFT to ‘thank his fans’ – and this week he is to share beautiful new sounds he’s composed on his armpit.

‘I wanted to acknowledge the support and engagement of all those who have purchased my NFTs, by simulating the sound of flatulence on my armpit. I was having a shower the other day, when the idea came to me. I created a pocket of air between my partially raised arm and my hand, then swiftly closed the pocket by bringing the arm close to my torso. By so pushing the air against my skin, I created a most pleasing noise which I wanted to share with my dedicated followers.’

The Academy Award-winning actor, whose career has spanned some 60 years, wrote, ‘I am titling the piece ‘Flatus’ in gratitude to all the Eternal NFT collectors. Your support and engagement continue to inspire me. I hope you enjoy it.’