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Number Two Proves He is Second Best

Number 2 proves Why he is Number 2

Planet Crypto has managed to catch up with new Binance Number 2, Mini CZ, after his appointment to steer the good ship Binance after the unfortunate “holiday” of CZ himself.

PC: So Mini CZ, how does it feel to be in charge of the ship-that-continuously-circumnavigates-the-world-without-ever-stopping?

Mini CZ: it is not easy I have to stand on a chair to look out of the control room. I may have accidentally run aground.

PC That is unlucky, but we hear that you still will not announce where the Binance headquarters is located. Are we to believe that it is on a ship-that-is-no-longer-circumnavigating-the-world-but-which has-run-aground?

Mini CZ: as you know no operative employee of Binance will ever give up the secret location of the Binance lair headquarters. It is solely our concern and not for the meddling public like you Mr. Crypto

PC: have you reported this unfortunate accident to CZ himself?

Mini CZ: No I am hoping it will re-float when the tide come in.

PC:  Good luck with that.