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‘On The Run’ Terra Founder Is Prepared to ‘Work With Authorities.’

– – – – – – Facts – – – – – –

  • In the past week, South Korean prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon.
  • The CEO of Terraform Labs was in charge when the supposedly stable Terra LUNA token lost 99.7% of its value in a week.
  • No-one knows his whereabouts, and he’s said to be ‘on the run.’

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According to Planet Crypto sources, Do Kwon, the fugitive co-founder of the failed Terra Ecosystem is attempting to negotiate a plea bargain. Through Planet Crypto, he made this statement:

‘I am fully prepared to work with the authorities,’ said. ‘All I ask is that, when I am sentenced by the courts, they peg my punishment to TerraUSD.’

This would mean that, if the court sentences him to 10 years, his punishment would likely drop 99.7% of its size in a week.

Scoffed cocky Do Kwon, ‘I’d only have to serve 0.3% of my sentence… I’d be out in a week…

‘…And hey. If they sentenced me to the electric chair – instead of getting 2,000 Volts – I’d get 6 volts. Enough to power a small torch.  I can work with that, losers!’