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Ah, the twelfth day of crypto-Christmas is here… and like with a good Christmas meal, perhaps it’s time to round things off with a lovely drink. After being aged for 80 years, he’s older than most fine whiskies, and after being steeped in Washington politics for nearly half a century he’s richer than a pudding wine… it’s US President Joe Biden! A man who could do interesting things to the crypto-world… if he understood it. Or could stay awake long enough to think about regulating it.

PC: So, Joe: did you have a good Christmas?

JB: Ha, you won’t catch me out with one of your journalist’s ‘gotcha’ questions. I know it’s not Christmas for another few months. We’re only in Julember. I tell you something I did have recently that was good though: a nap. I like naps. Naps are… … … … sorry, I nodded off briefly. It was nice.

PC: Did you get any good presents?

JB: Oddly, I did. Even though it’s only Augober. My wife gave me a really lovely nap. And my children gave me a snooze and a kip… which I believe are English types of nap.

PC: Did you give any gifts to your family?

JB: Yeah, I gave my son Hunter a new laptop. Let’s hope this one doesn’t break and need repairing!

PC: What’s your favourite Christmas film?

JB: Well, I love ‘It’s A Wonderful Nap’. And the classic ‘The Muppet Christmas Nap.’ And, though some people say it’s not a Christmas movie, I really enjoy Bruce Willis in ‘Nap Hard’. Or then there’s my favourite non-Christmas movie, ‘The Big Sleep’. Though I’ve never liked ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. A nightmare can really ruin a lovely nap.

PC: Any regrets for 2022?

JB: Well… none yet. But we’ve still got a long way to go. After all, it’s only Apruary.

PC: And what are your hopes and dreams for 2023?

JB: Well, I’d still really like to be President one day. So I’ll work hard this year on trying to achieve that ambition. Sorry, what’s that you said? I’m already President? Ha! Good one. You’ll be telling me it’s Christmas next.