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When Banks Go Bust – Crank Calls Boom!!

After the collapse of the banks, the country’s leading financier has reported a huge uptick in prank calls. Jerome Powell, the Chair of the Federal Reserve said, ‘I’m sick of it.’

‘And when I’ve tried to retrace the calls- they all seem to come from crypto firms.

‘For instance, someone called me this morning.  When I answered, I said – ‘Who’s there?’ …an unknown voice replied, ‘is that Hugh Sister?’ …so I said, ‘Hugh Sister Who?’ …and they replied, ‘Huge-Sister-Matic-Failure.’ Then the caller giggled like a schoolgirl and put the phone down… I don’t think that’s funny …I traced the call to the head of Office of Ethereum…

‘About five minutes later, the phone rang again. The caller muttered, Theheadofaninsecureassetclasssayswhat?’ …well, I didn’t hear them because they said it really quickly, so I said, ‘What?’ …Then they cracked up laughing, saying, ‘he said it, he said it, he said ‘he was head of an insecure asset class!!’’ …Before I could reply, they threw the phone down. THAT call came from Solana’s head office. Childish. Very childish.

‘Well I thought that might be the end of it. But I was wrong. About thirty minutes later, someone called and said:

‘Say ‘Faven’’… So I said “Say Faven”?? And they laughed and said, FINALLY the words ‘safe haven’ CAN be mentioned in your offices. Well hah bloody ha… I can’t be sure… but it sounded like CZ, the Head of Binance…

‘It really is annoying. I can’t wait till things get back to normal, and I can return to patronizing Crypto for being an unsafe investment.’