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‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s’ World of Woe

Robert Kiyosaki here, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, with my latest World of Woe.

Now, despite the rise in Bitcoin, there’s a lot of pessimism around.

This week Morgan Stanley predicted ‘something worse than the great financial crisis’ for commercial real estate; a Global Strategist at Société Générale said ‘we may be looking at the end of capitalism;’ and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the tech sector ‘faces a reckoning.’

Harrumph. Look, this is my schtick. I’m meant to be the most hyperbolic-scaremonger out there.

But frankly, this week, I only predicted that the dollar is becoming ‘toilet paper’ and that hyperinflation is upon us… Which compared, to the cataclysmic foretellings of my fellow analysts seems quite upbeat.

So frankly I need to up the stakes on my apocalyptic doomsaying.

So here goes.

This week saw the latest results of the CPI… which may have implications on upcoming interest rates.

The financial world will be waiting with bated breath, fearing Jerome Powell’s next statement.

And when Jerome Powell, ahead of his monthly press conference, sits down to eat with his fellow treasury staff – the markets will be nervous.

But, at first, all will seem well.

Powell will laugh and joke with the Treasury team.

Until a sudden flicker of concern will cross Powell’s face. He will feel a twinge in his chest.

Then convulse with pain.

He will cough up his dinner, then thrash around.

Concerned members of his PR team will try and hold him down on the table.

But this is no heart attack.

There will be a tearing sound; a sudden bulge at Powell’s chest..

…and then suddenly, a embryonic xenomorph – an Alien – will burst out of his chest.

Alarmed Treasury officials will be stunned, showered with blood.

As the creature observes them… then scuttles off into the depths of the markets.

Concerned Traders will try and slay the creature – but when they inflict a small wound on the creature – they discover that it has acid blood, which burns through several trading floors.

It is indestructible. Anyway, the upshot is – the monster will eat everyone in the financial markets and the world’s economies will collapse forever.

And that’s bad.

So protect yourself by buying gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Thank you. Till next time doomlovers.