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How was it done, how was it done? 

A mastermind crime on a global scale 

Driving and steering and cold racketeering 

A maleficent malignant monstrous whale 

Under the cloak of a kind nerdy vegan 

A floppy haired friend for investors to join 

The new JP Morgan – crypto-Michael Jordan

Pernicious purveyor of make-believe coin 

Purest of market manipulation 

Pick-pocket vampire and burner of rules 

Synthetic assets with multiple facets

Bathing in massive liquidity pools

Trumpeting effective altruism 

Generous billionaire wearer of shorts

Ethical wokeness meets investor brokenness

Meets polycule penthouse and bedhopping cohort 

Stealing mountains of other people money 

In a sociopathic Bahaman ball 

Coolly destroying the savings of masses

Whilst answering Biden’s electoral call

And it’s gone daddy, gone daddy, gone daddy gone 

But nobody noticed a single damn-thing

Layoffs and playoffs hush-money payoffs

But now the coin’s dropped, hear the fat lady sing 

Now watch as the regulators sagely step forward 

Creating more fallible fixes and rules 

The digital dollar? the end of real money?

Sam Bankman-Fried has delivered the tools 

And what of the punters that lost all the money? 

What of the mugs at the end of the chain? 

Whilst countless paid dramas beset the Bahamas 

As always, they will get left out in the rain.