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After dropping over 95% in value in the past twelve months, Solana is no longer the threat to Ethereum that it once was. But CEO Anatoly Yakovenko, is still upbeat.

‘We may not be the ‘Ethereum Killer’ we once were – but we can still land some blows on it.  

And when I say we ‘can land some blows on it,’ I mean we can stand next to it, and expel air on it through our pursed lips. Huffing and puffing.

I don’t know how much damage we can do with exhaled breath. If we breathed very very fast, very very close to Ethereum, we might cause some discomfort.

But we’re an ambitious company – and I want to go further and cause Ethereum actual abrasion.

My strategy is to eat some very, very hot food – say a curry made from Carolina Reaper peppers – and blew those fumes on Ethereum. In those circumstances I might realistically cause Ethereum some mild windburn.

Which I imagine is like uncomfortable chafing.

And that can be most unpleasant.

So from now on, I’m proposing that we call Solana the ‘Ethereum Chafer,’ the ‘Ethereum Windburner’ or the ‘Ethereum Mild Discomforter.’