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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Ho ho ho! Ha ha ha ha! And He he he he!

It’s nearly time for the 12 Days of Crypto!

Yes, in the middle of the bleakest of mid-crypto Winters, we’re inviting the crypto family for a seasonal roast!

Yup, for the next 12 days, we will be emitting a loud festive cheer, as we carve up the year’s crypto-turkeys! 

But who are the Crypto Chumps of 2022?

Will we be roasting SBF on a open-fire??!

Will we be giving Do Kwon a stuffing???!

And will we be serving up vegetables like Gary Gensler???! 

Come back tomorrow, to see who serve a dollop of sauce to..!

(A clue: on the First Day of Crypto.. It’s none other than the Grinch of Crypto-Christmas… But ‘who’s that,’ you say? Come back tomorrow and all will be revealed!!)