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Pumping Pepe!! The Frogs are Taking Over!

Ribbit Ribbit! The World’s going frog crazy!!

Whether it’s PepeCoin going stratospheric, or Bitcoin Frogs becoming the most traded NFTs, crypto frogs are everywhere right now.

The experts say they’re nothing more than a fad, or worse, a scam. But those so-called experts are so-called wrong. Frog memecoins are clearly the greatest asset class there is… and we’re not just saying that because we bought some and are pumping the price.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 convincing reasons why you should get into PepeCoin asap:

  1. You can’t pay for anything with PepeCoin which makes it the best currency for savings. Unlike stupid cash which you can spend nearly everywhere.
  2. Baby frogs are called froglets. Cute, right? If your PepeCoin shrinks in size, don’t think of it as a disaster, think of it as a froglet. Aah, that’s better.
  3. Frogs can breathe through their skin, lungs, nostrils, and the lining of their mouth. Bitcoin can’t do that.
  4. PepeCoin is much rarer than gold. Half the world wears a piece of gold on their finger but apart from Miss Piggy, no-one has a frog wrapped round their finger.
  5. Frogs have sticky toes to help them climb trees. Do Kwon just had sticky fingers. Frogs 1, Stablecoins 0!
  6. The South African sharp-nosed frog can jump a distance of 44 times its body length. Warren Buffett can’t do that.
  7. To help it stay moist in its dry climate, the monkey tree frog secretes oil from its neck, which it then rubs all over its body. Gary Gensler can’t do that. He has to ask Elizabeth Warren to rub baby oil into his scalp when stress makes it dry.
  8. Frogs eat insects, mammals, fish, birds, and snakes. Sam Bankman-Fried can only eat KFC.
  9. Experts recommend commodities as a hedge against inflation. But frogs live near actual hedges so that makes them better by one actual hedge. Tell that to your financial adviser and watch how you go up in their estimation.
  10. What would you rather listen to on an endless loop for eternity – the songs of Johnny Cash, or Crazy Frog? Exactly.

So there you have it. 10 undeniable reasons why frog-based memecoins are better than gold, cash, equities, real estate and Bitcoin combined! Now, anyone want to buy my PepeCoin off me?