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Planet Crypto asks who is the sexiest personality in Crypto…? 

Which Crypto Hunk do you want to pump?

And who do you want to dump?

Who would you like to HODL and take you To Da Moon?

And who would you quite simply Airdrop?

Sam Bankman-Fried


  • SBF is the bad boy your parents warned you about. One twist of his rebellious locks is enough to give any lady a liquidity crisis.
  • The only thing more out of control than his frizzy bonce is his accounting and he treats rules like he treats lightweight chairs – there to be bent or broken.
  • Life certainly won’t be boring when he’s around. Be prepared to jet off suddenly to The Bahamas or wherever else he’s fleeing to escape justice.
  • And don’t expect much sleep in the bedroom. Not when he’s up ‘til 4 pounding World of Warcraft.
  • Favourite Film:  Rebel Without a Cause. “I borrowed it and never gave it back.”
  • Likely to say on a date: “Babe, let’s go Dutch. You pay for the first 50 years of my crimes, and I’ll do the rest.”
  • Turn-ons: Playing footsie, and other ways to dislodge an ankle tag.