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Well Porsche has released a series of overpriced NFTs, which have attracted as much invective as a Jeremy Clarkson column.

But are they any good? Well, we asked our flashcar motor correspondent P. Nis. X. Tension to have a look.


Planet Crypto have asked me to Test Drive the new Porsche NFT – and see whether it’s a Banger… or just an old banger.

Soo.. let’s put my pedal to the metal, I mean my NFT-Assessing-Style to the Digital-computer-file.. and have a look… PARP PARP.

First impressions..?

Speed. Sold from 0-10 copies in 3.0 weeks. It’s the opposite of VROOM… it’s MOORV. Score: 0/10.

HP.  There’s some serious grunt with these NFTs. Investors see them and they grunt in disappointment. The 911? Is a SIGH-ONE-ONE. HP – stands for Horsesh*t Porschit. Score 0/10.

EMISSIONS: Lots of Harmful Emissions; particularly emissions of bile, the ‘f***’ word and the phrase ‘how could they debase their brand like this?’  Lots of fumes. And Peeves. Yet another GRRRRRR-ooom GRRRR-oom. Score? 0/10

ECO RATING: It’s very Eco. No energy is being spent minting these NFTs.. Mainly because nobody wants to buy them. Top marks. WOWZER WOWZER. Score: 10/10

SUMMARY: So. Is it the Porsche NFT a welcome addition to the brands-who-try-to-jump-on-the-NFT-bandwagon-but-completely-piss-off-their-fans-range? BUT it’s a flooded market. If you want to really waste your money on a Non-Fungible-Turkey – go blow it on the Stranger Things range, mouth-breathers! ‘Friends Don’t Lie!!’  HONK HONK!