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DAY 38: Super Mario 3-D World..

Day 38 under house arrest. My ankle tag is SO ANNOYING. It totally puts me off playing Wii tennis, which I need to do from all the stress I’m under trying to get to the final level in Super Mario 3-D World. My life blows right now.

The prosecutors in my stupid case are SO ANNOYING. I said I’m sorry, what more do they want? Now they’ve seized the 50 million I had in Farmington Bank and they’re pissed I never told them it was there in the first place. Like, since when it is my job to know where the money is?

Today I found out they want to subpoena me because they say I’m not co-operating with questioning which is SO NOT TRUE. I’ve TOLD THEM I’m on X-Box 14 hours a day and available for party chat any time we cross paths in Elden Ring. It’s not my fault they haven’t found the hidden passage to Dragon Shine. What are they even doing for their $2,000 an hour?

AND, get this… now they’re saying I have to stop contacting FTX employees on Signal. Okay, I get it, you’re mad with me, but can you pick on someone else now please? All I was doing was asking Susan in Data whether Janelle in Customer Liaison ‘likes me’ or ‘like likes me’, and whether she is testifying against me and how much money she would want to not do that. I mean, IS THAT A CRIME?! I totally feel like I am being picked on right now and if I can be bothered to go to the court case, I WILL SAY SOMETHING.

Sometimes it feels like too much. Last night I cried myself to sleep. Why is Super Mario 3D World SO HARD!!!