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The virgin Crypto investors progress or - The Crypto Millionaire

Murray Lachlan Young 06/10/22

It started out as gobbledygook
But soon I got the hang
By watching wonderful webinar
I joined the crypto gang

They gave me the tricks
They showed me the picks
The weak the strong
The ones safe as bricks

“To do is to dare
Be devil may care
You’ll be Crypto

So, I started with a thousand
It was quickly one point five
And soon I’d drained the tax account
To ratchet up my drive

I stayed up ‘til two
The currencies flew
saw my private jet
With a platinum loo

“To do was to dare
So-devil may care
And suddenly I
Was millionaire”

I woke up at eight
But it was too late
My assets had crashed
To hideous state

How could it be so
I’d tumbled so low
Just how it went down
I really don’t know

And now I drive my uber car
Along the city streets
I furnish all my customers
With all the tips and ‘deets’

I tell them the tricks
I give them the picks
The weak the strong
The ones safe as bricks

I say to my fare
Be devil may care
And you’ll (just like me)
One day become a Crypto