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Is Tim Draper the most Unrealistic Person in Crypto?

This week the Billionaire Investor Tim Draper bizarrely thought he could persuade the Sri Lankan government to adopt Bitcoin. The Sri Lankan government inevitably gave him short shrift.  It comes after his repeated assertions that Bitcoin would go to the moon, reaching $250,000 by the end of 2023.

Given his record – Planet Crypto thought it would make its own unrealistic predictions…. about Tim Draper.

By the Fall of 2023, Tim Draper will predict that Bitcoin will ‘go to the moon’ by Christmas.

Quite literally.

Tim will explain that Bitcoin is such an intelligent form of finance, it will build its own arms and legs – break into SpaceX – requisition a moon-bound spacecraft, then fly it unaided to the Sea of Tranquility. Where it will set up is own moon colony for digital currency.

Early in 2024, Tim Draper will predict that Bitcoin will go even further than the moon – in fact it will go to Alpha Centauri by mid-2025. He’ll announce, ‘Clearly within the next 18 months, Bitcoin will go to Alpha Centauri, as the closest star system. But Bitcoin will NOT go outside our galaxy, that would be silly. At least not until 2026.’

Mid-summer of 2024, Tim Draper will predict that Bitcoin will be boldly going where no other spacecraft has gone before. It will have territory wars with Klingons, develop pointy ears and resemble Leonard Nimroy.

By Christmas 2024, Tim predicts that Bitcoin faces a period of uncertainty, because, when visiting a distant planet, Bitcoin will get too close to an alien’s egg… resulting in a baby alien bursting out of Bitcoin’s stomach. He will be visited by men in white coats, who take him to a ‘facility’.

Winter 2024: Tim will be in a padded cell, gibbering that Bitcoin will travel to a galaxy far, far away. There Bitcoin will need a period of consolidation whilst it ‘uses the force’ and fights asthmatic villains with swords which look like neon strip lights.