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Has Prominent Crypto Critic Been Hacked?


There are fears that financial commentator and renowned crypto-critic, Peter Schiff, has been hacked after he announced the launch of an NFT art collection.

Planet Crypto’s NFT correspondent, Max Price, explained, “Peter Schiff famously loves gold and hates crypto. In fact, he has criticized NFTs for being ‘fake assets’ and long insisted that Bitcoin has no value.

“So when his twitter profile announced he was launching a set of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, it was widely assumed that it had been hacked. But Schiff has since insisted that the launch is genuine which can only lead to one conclusion – that Peter Schiff himself has somehow been hacked and is schilling NFTs against his will.

“Doctors have ruled out stroke, dementia, and that brain parasite you get from cat poo as reasons for this dramatic change in behaviour. Meanwhile the evidence that he’s somehow been hacked is mounting. Firstly, he denies he’s been hacked, which is just what someone who has been hacked would say. And even though he’s previously said NFTs and Bitcoin are worthless, he’s denied that his Bitcoin NFTs are worthless – which again is just what someone that has been hacked would say. To be honest, they look like a first attempt at a collage by a 6 year old. So the current working theory is that his brain is somehow being controlled by Russian scammers. Or Chinese scammers. Or a 6 year old with some collages.

“The only other explanation is that Peter Schiff is a hypocrite. But it can’t be that.

“Until we know for sure what’s happening, stay safe, everyone. And be very suspicious of any 6 year olds with artwork.”