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Which royal is your coin?

In the UK it’s Jubilee Week, as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 70 years on the throne. In many ways the crypto family of assets is much like the Royal Family, with its heroes and villains, each hoping the others will fail.

Take our quiz to find out which member of the Royal Family your assets would be. Honestly, it’s better than it sounds….

If you hold Bitcoin, your assets are most like The Queen. Dependable, beloved, people look to her for stability in times of trouble. Often damaged by the shoddy behaviour of her offspring. Currently enduring another annus horribilis.


If you hold Ethereum, your assets are most like Prince Charles. The long-time heir to the crypto throne, but never seems to get there. Badly damaged by a hack that led to him forking away from Princess Diana.


If you want to buy Ethereum, but are waiting until after the merge, your assets are most like Prince William. May one day reach a promised destiny, but it could be a long way off yet.


If you hold NFTs, your assets are most like Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Brought excitement and glamour into a stuffy world, but has left many wondering if she’s more trouble than she’s worth. Critics say she is only out to make a quick buck.


If you hold Ripple, your assets are most like Prince Harry. Set out to undermine the establishment, but lost followers along the way. Now stranded on the outskirts of the family.


If you hold mostly Binance Coin, your assets are most like Prince Andrew. Friend to some shady characters and permanently dogged by a whiff of illegality. Unwelcome in many parts of the world.


If you hold shares in Coinbase, then you are most like Princess Diana who also crashed in mysterious circumstances.


If you hold Litecoin, your assets are most like Prince Edward. Once prominent, now an afterthought. No-one can quite remember what the point of him was.


If you hold Shiba Inu, your assets are most like Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson. Just a bit of fun, really. Not to be taken seriously.