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William Shatner Launches ‘Quantum Physics’ NFT

Star Trek actor William Shatner is to launch a series of NFTs which feature Shatner exploring, amongst other things, quantum physics. If purchasers are expecting any scientific insight – they may be disappointed. For although Captain Kirk helmed a spaceship called the Starship Enterprise – he is NOT in reality a quantum physicist, nor a cosmic explorer. In fact, he’s just a wig-wearing actor. But Shatner was confident of the credentials of his NFT collection:

“My NFTs are going to be great. Full of scientific knowledge.

Because I know a lot about quantum physics. It’s all about atoms, electrodes and planktons, and neutrons and fruitons, and quack-quarks and glucose, and that.

You know, not a lot of people know this – but the origins of quantum physics began with this bloke called Schroder who had this cat.

But it wasn’t just any old cat – it was a special cat.

‘Why was it special’, you ask?

Well, it was really lazy, and liked lasagne. And it couldn’t STAND the dog called Odie. Anyway, this somehow describes the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms.

….Oh wait. Hang on… No, that’s not Schroder’s cat, that’s Garfield, innit? Ha ha. Silly me…

…Hang on, let me check Google.

Ah, that’s it. I WAS right. It was about Schrodinger and his cat. And it was a special cat: because it went into this box. And it must have been some kind of undead zombie cat, because it was alive and dead at the same time.


A bit like that vampire-superhero – was it Blade, or was it Morbius? Probably both.

Anyway, my NFTs will be talking about that, so they’ll be really interesting.

Better buy them quick, because I’m sure Quantum Physicists will be snapping them up to use as study guides.