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They’re the experts who claim to have predicted events AFTER they’ve happened…

Zhu Su, one of the co-founders of the collapsed cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, said he tried to warn us in August that Sam Bankman-Fried was up to no good. But nobody heard his prediction because SBF used his media influence to silence him.

He’s just one of many experts in Crypto who claim they’ve made predictions… after the event has occurred.  He’s a Pastra-damus..

“I did everything I could to get the message out”, the disgraced CEO told Planet Crypto.

“I told a journalist, but he wouldn’t listen. He just kept asking me where 3AC’s missing billions were. I mean, talk about not doing your job properly! He was clearly under the influence of SBF.

But I didn’t give up. Next I told my television about SBF in the hope it would tell other televisions, but it didn’t. So that was clearly on SBF’s payroll too.

Then I told a goldfish, but it told absolutely no-one. I think we can guess who it was working for.

I tried everything I could, but aside from newspapers, television, and pet fish, what other ways are there of disseminating information to a mass audience?”, Su asked his 575,800 Twitter followers.

“At one point I thought maybe I could somehow alert people via my phone. So I shouted ‘Bankman-Fried!’ at Siri, but it started telling me about Sigmund Freud instead. Talk about deflecting blame!

The shame is that I also know what CZ of Binance is hiding, but no-one wants to know that either. I told a Catholic priest AND a psychotherapist, but they both said something about being ‘bound by confidentiality’, so they’re obviously on the books of Binance. I’ve tried writing it in my secret diary, I’ve tried spray painting it onto a building about to be demolished, but somehow the word never gets out. What else can I do?”, Su again asked his 575,800 Twitter followers.

I suppose I’ll just have to tell everyone what I know when he gets caught. It’s a shame really.”