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A.I. TERROR! Zuckerberg’s Billion Dollar A.I. Gamble Will Transform The Workplace.


What will A.I. do to the jobs market?

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg’s pledges to spend millions on his grand A-I.-vision – just like he’s been doing with his failing Metaverse – and he foresees big changes:

‘A.I. will see big shifts in the jobs market.

‘I can see a future, thanks to my A.I. project, where humans at Meta will not be working in traditional ways.

‘In fact – if we keep progressing at this rate – I can’t see any humans working at Meta at all.

‘Sure, Humans will still be doing SOME jobs on the Meta premises. Auditors, bailiffs, people-who-manage-distressed-sales and those who distribute social welfare payments… They’ll all be very busy.

‘But the current staff will be re-employed waving tins on street corners, and asking for change.

‘And I myself will have to find a new role: Hiding In Dark Places From Angry Investors.’